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Oct. 19th, 2011

New fic:

Raindrops on Roses

(Rose/Scorpius longfic)

Posted on my IJ CDJ


So this is a test to see how many of my friends are still reading/doing this.


thank you :P


Another film by yours truly :D

PS. Micah's back!

Jan. 27th, 2009

I'm such a livejournal lameo lately. It seems all I come online for lately is to thread on IJ (two different games, one real, one random fun with Ash :D) and chat to Adam on AIM.

Spending the whole holidays working and watching DVDs. Have had five Sundays off - the only five Sundays I'll have off until Christmas 2009. Was quite nice, but I have double Canterbury to look forward to this week. I miss Zoe and Caitrin and the others :(

Choir camp 16 Feb. No idea if I'm being given accomodation or what. If so no idea how I will check/change my timetable...

Dramas at work complicating matters. Got to see Annabelle Rosie and Sian twice last week though. Was awesome :)

Turned 20 Friday before last and went to see Wicked! Was cool.

Reveiw of "Villians"

So I've been lazy this season and just watched the show, occasionally ranting about it to Zoe or Adam and even some other people at work. However, since watching the conclusion to the Volume last night, I feel the need for some more public reviewition.

Spoilers for all of Volume 3: VilliansCollapse )



I am sick. Sick like a sick person. Sneezed and coughed all over everyone last night, called in sick today and am sitting around watching Buffy and pretending to write my design plan for Interactivity and the discussion leading notes for Friday and also my Writing for Real Essay and the music for DBT and the script schedule also. Meh.

 Haven't watched Buffy properly in a while. Why does The Prom always make me cry?


I never used to like talking about myself. My dad would make me and I'd be really embarassed. I guess I can sort of blame it on the seemingly endless job search I've been doing for 18 months... suddenly I seem to be talking about myself ALL THE TIME. Someone asks me a question and, after answering at length, I realise (usually too late) that it's probably polite to ask a similar question in return.

Captainess Self-Centered, much?

This Semester is going to be insane. The way work goes around my uni timetable, I am only going to be present at Tuesday and every other Saturday dinner at college. All the others I will either be too late for, have to have early dinner for due to choir, or just won't be here. This is somewhat depressing and will surely limit my social circle slightly. My dad, after two years of asking me every week whether or not I had found a job, has found something else to pick at - my social life. Apparently I do not have enough fun with other humanoid creatures. Well now that I'm working 20 hours a week with a 75 minute commute - it's not gonna happen!!

Probably shouldn't be complaining while I currently owe him about $1400. I have surprised myself by how quickly I've paid off the rest of my laptop money, but it's really only because the big softie is paying me $16/h to pressure wash the tennis court and paint Christmas Decorations. Unfortunately now that I'm no longer at home (most of the time), I have to siphon off my salary.

Just spent about fifteen minutes explaining my timetable to Zoe, which I guess shows how complicated it is. I also won't be able to make any JWAS screenings anymore thanks to work. Not that I'm not happy to be working - it means I'm doing a lot more with my time and getting valuable experience etc etc but BLEH.

Doctor Horrible is sadface.
Everyone.... it has happened.

The flaw in my magnificently awesome work-at-Officeworks plan has been inadvertantly discovered. And it is...

That I now work at a place that sells M&Ms.


In other news, I've spent most of the last couple days squeeing over Dr Horrible :D It took me about 24 hours to watch the first episode because I couldn't get onto the main site, and then there was the whole intentional crisis, and then because my connection is so shite I had to wait for about four hours for it to load on the alternate site. And now I'm trying to watch part two, and having the same problems with the alternate site.

Times like this I wish I was back at college. Like, wow.

Also, for those internet addicts out there like me, there's The Guild. Awesome even if you don't know anything about WoW.

Busy like a Bee.....Buzzz

I've been extremely lax about updating for about a month... though this is mostly due to the fact that Noel had a total harddrive crash and became totally unusable very quickly, so I had to go through the process of finding a new computer, buying it (not done with that part yet, but if I donate all my pay for about three months...) and then getting used to Vista and the fingerprint recognition and the fact that the s and n keys continually come off, for some reason. New computer is a Toshiba Satellite A300/500 christened Starbuck (you can also blame Adam (and Zoe) for the Battlestar reference), and has 500gb space and 4gb RAM. Also an incredible dustcatcher. Need some dust caught? Ask Starbuck.

Also, I am extremely busy now that I have a JOB, at last. This is 100% due to Adam and also slightly in part to my Script class last semester, which even though it was useless in terms of life lessons and final marks, gave me an opportunity to vent my woes concerning unemployment and therefore forcing Adam to do something about it else my whining became too much.

Anyway, I'm now in training at Officeworks (although Ang said I don't have to use the 'in training' sign anymore, whoot!) and doing a LOT of shifts in between catching up with people and choir and all that stuff. Last week we had choir seven days in a row doing recording from 2-11 and concerts and well, it was full on. But now we just have to wait for the CD to come out and hopefully more people will come to said concerts. My god it was cold in both places. Our feet were barely walk-worthy after being frozen so often.

It's definitely the busiest holiday ever.